From the beginning in 1868, J.R. Watkins has brought its line of natural, environmentally friendly products right to customers’ doors via its trusted team of Watkins Consultants. “The Watkins Man” quickly became a household name and visits from a Watkins Consultant were highly anticipated. Even 150 years later, our Consultants are home-based business owners who share a passion for J.R. Watkins products and serve as product advocates.Have you heard of Watkins products.

SAVE MONEY, MAKE MONEY, EARN TRIPS, EASY BUSINESS, NO PRESSURE, NO AUTO SHIPS, NO QUOTAS, & much more. Easy business and recognized brand name.

I like the JR Watkins business because it works around my schedule! The ability to work from home, earn extra income while living a healthier lifestyle. I have tried many MLM companies in the past and I worked way too hard for a little payout. I finally went back to what worked for my grandfather and father – JR Watkins – since 1868 the longest running All-Natural Network Marketing Company in the US and Canada.

Independent Watkins Consultant Lee Shaw #842271