This is a Great Email Tip!

How do you make more sales from your
email list? The answer is so diabolically simple,
most marketers poo-poo it and look for a harder
If you want to connect more with your list, get
them to open more of your emails and click
more of your links…
…and if you want them to BUY your stuff,
here’s what you do:
Email them once a day, every day.
That’s it.
They need to hear from you once a day or
they’re going to forget who you are. True, they
won’t open every email, but that’s okay. As long
as they’re opening some of them, then you’re
doing your job.
Did you know that emailers who email once
per week or even once per month tend to get
more spam complaints than those who email
every day? That’s because their readers have
forgotten who they are or how they got on their
The more your readers hear from you, the
more chances they have to get to know you, like
you and feel like they are part of your tribe.
And yes, there will be some sorting. As
people get to know you better, some of them
won’t like you or what you say. They’ll
unsubscribe. And that’s okay.
You only want to talk to YOUR tribe. Just
remember to email them every day. I’ve seen
marketer’s sales double and triple simply by
sending out more emails